10 ten UK wildlife photographers to follow


BBC's Countryfile has named me as one of the top 10 UK wildlife photographers to follow.
Don't worry, I'm every bit as surprised as you are!

New image!


I've not been out shooting wildlife in so long but last week I finally got a chance to head back out into the wilds.
I found this beautiful Bewick's swan, one of my favourite birds, relaxing in the shade on an otherwise hot and sunny day.

bewicks swan

Hello again world!


So I'm back. I've been away from wildlife photography for a couple of months for a number of reasons - I've been busy all summer photographing weddings (how I make my living) and I got slightly disillusioned with the world of wildlife photography after viewing this year's Wildlife Photographer of the Year results. Sure there were some stunning images, but there were some very mediocre (in my opinion) images and some which I just don't understand. But anyway, I took a few days out and visited the Lake District - Here's what I came back with:

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013


Sure, I've been away forever but I come back with good news - This year, for the first time, I was a finalist in the prestigious Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. Sadly I didn't place as an award winner, but getting to the final after three consecutive years as a semi-finalist makes me pretty happy. The image below made it to the final in the "Creative Visions of Nature" category and shows a deceit of lapwings flying against the sun set

I won!!


I would just like to take the time to say a massive thank you to all who voted for me in Nikon's photographic competition recently. The good news is I won and I shall be receiving my prize from Nikon soon. Don't forget though, one of the people who voted will still win a brand new camera from Nikon!

I need your help!


I have made it to the final 5 of Nikon's photo competition and to win it I need your help - Simply follow the link below, find my image - the landscape one with my name under it, and click "vote for this image."
In doing so you not only give me a better chance of winning, but also enter yourself into a competition to win a Nikon Coolpix S9300.
click here to vote!

New Nikon lenses and firmware update for D4


Sure, I don't often blog about equipment but today's news is slightly special. Nikon have officially announced their 800mm f/5.6 E FL VR (and a bunch of other acronyms) lens.

Clicking on the image will take you to Nikon's page about the lens.

It's currently Nikon's longest focal length lens and contains a few new bits of tech too. First of all there's the "E" bit of the designation - This lens now uses an electromagnetic diaphragm aperture which is said to give better results when using automated exposures in changing conditions. Then there's the FL part of the designation - meaning this lens uses flourite lens elements. Two of them in fact, which apparently produces a sharper image while keeping the overall lens weight down. All this weight saving means the lens is actually heavier than Canon's (three year old) 800mm equivalent.
It's not all bad news though, from the MTF chart alone this lens appears to be just about the sharpest DSLR lens ever made.

What's more is the MTF chart shows that the image quality is the same right across the entire frame. Furthermore, this lens comes supplied with a 1.25x teleconverter which will make the lens a lovely 1000mm f/7.1 - The teleconverter is specifically designed for use with this lens. It won't work with other lenses and isn't available separately but it does promise excellent high quality images at 1000mm focal length. It's also designed to not impact on the focus speed which is something handy.

In other news Nikon have also announced new firmware for the D4 which only does one thing - makes the autofocus tracking performance in continuous focus mode better. I've updated my D4 already and had a little play with the improved AF-C and (maybe it's just a placebo) but it seems a little faster on moving subjects.

Calumet to offer warranty repairs from Jessops


Hi guys, sorry I've been away for so long. As many of you in the United Kingdom would have heard already, the photographic retailer Jessops went into administration last week and all the staff had finished their employment by Wednesday this week. What most of you didn't know, was that I actually worked there for a couple of days a week. Now my part time employment has ended, I'm a full time self employed photographer. Photography has generated the biggest part of my income for years but now it's my only source of income. This does give me more time to concentrate on things that require work, and this website is one of those. The website was finished months ago, but since then it's been slightly neglected. This new found time means I can keep the blog up to date and add more photos to the galleries, as well as start writing articles again as it's something I really used to enjoy doing.

Getting back to the point I was beginning to make, UK photographic retailer Calumet have said that ex customers of Jessops are welcome to send away repairs under warranty though Calumet - Which is an incredibly generous offer. On top of that, Calumet will handle all of the paper work and liason with the repair agents. Calumet's press release on the subject can be found here

And now for a shameless plug - If you'd like to see my business page (Wedding Photography by Lee Webb) it can be found by clicking here or by visiting www.leewebbphotography.com


Autumn is most definitely upon us!


I took a day out last week to go to an absolutely incredible place - Westonbirt Arboretum just on the Gloucestershire county boundary, near Tetbury. Westonbirt Arboretum is a vast woodland containing hundreds of varieties of trees, and during the Autumn months it really is a must-see venue! I shot exclusively with the Nikon D800 mounted on a heavy tripod. I used the Nikon 14-24 f/2.8 and 24-70 f/2.8 for a few shots, although the majority from the day were taken with the 70-200 f/2.8 II.

Skomer images are here!


Sure, they're not in the galleries yet, but here's a sneak peak, just for you!

Puffin on Skomer
Puffin on Skomer
Burnt wood landscape
Skomer  Island
Rock formation at Marloes Sands
Rock formation at Marloes Sands
Marloes Sands
Marloes Sands
Marloes Sands
Razorbill portrait
Razorbill pair on Skomer
Swallow in doorway
Swallow in doorway
Puffin pair on Skomer
Puffin on Skomer
Guillemot landing

Photos from Skomer trip coming soon!


Hello again everyone, I've been away from the page for a couple of weeks so I just thought I'd leave a reassuring message that normal business will resume shortly! I'm working on an article explaining the effects of moiré in high megapixel images along with a further article about my recent trip to Skomer which will be packed with images! I'll also be updating the "recent images" gallery shortly!

I'm back!


Hello again friends, and welcome to the all new and greatly improved LWNP website. It's been a long time coming, having been in the pipeline since November 2011! If you haven't already, please take a look around the site, it features many new images which I haven't yet shown anywhere else.
Over the coming weeks I'll continue to add new images, along with articles to help people looking to get more involved with nature photography.
If there's anything you'd like me to write a tutorial about, please let me know by filling out the contact form above. As always, I welcome any questions!

In the past week I've put into action a plan I've had for some time, trying to photograph House Martins in flight, returning to their nests. It's not the easiest of undertakings as the House Martin's nest is nearly 30 feet in the air, on the side of my house. And I'm scared of heights. The only way I could see the project working is if I were to mount my camera and lens to the wall, facing the nest, which I could trigger remotely.
So far the weather has been working against me, and we've had heavy rain for a few days meaning I've not been able to shoot, but I've got the rig in place and working!
I am using a Manfrotto 143RC "Magic Arm" to support the camera and lens combination, which is in turn attached to a flag pole holder I mounted to the side of my house. The Magic Arm is an incredible piece of technology - with a ball head on each end and a swivel arm in the middle, you can position your camera into quite literally any position. When you have everything aligned, a short twist of the lever in the middle locks the entire thing into place, including both ball heads! The Magic Arm can support 4kg in total meaning it should handle the D4 and 14-24mm f/2.8 combination without much trouble at all, even in strong wind. I am using Pocket Wizard Plus II transceivers to trigger the camera from the ground. I have used a Manfrotto 035c Super Clamp to hold the arm to the flag pole holder, and so far everything seems to be holding in place! Pictures of House Martins in flight are hopefully to come!

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See you in a week!


Tomorrow I start my week long trip to the Pembrokeshire coast on a shooting trip so I won't be adding to the site or to the LWNP facebook page until I'm back. I'm going to try my hand at landscape shooting and something special with the Puffins of Skomer Island - Wish me luck!